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Welcome to the NTAEP home page. Our group is composed of environmental professionals from the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex. Our group meets during the lunch hour on the third Wednesday of each month except for the summer months of June through August. Our meetings feature a speaker and time for networking. See below for upcoming meetings and go ahead and register if you like! We hope you can join us soon!


If you would like to see our exciting upcoming events or view a presentation from a previous meeting, please see our Recent News!  NTAEP also offers a scholarship to students with an environmental science major - find out more here.

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North Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (NTAEP)

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NTAEP Monthly Meeting - 3514 W. Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas 75062
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


February 15, 2023

Sasha Jones of the University of Texas at Arlington

Presents: "Remediation of Contaminated Dumpsite Soil



Dr. Sasha Jones earned a degree in Environmental Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. She is passionate about understanding the ways that waste management can be economically sustainable for third world countries. Her research focused on the removal of heavy metals from contaminated soils and low-cost ways to remediate them.


Dr. Jones has over 13 years teaching experience at the high school and college levels, and more than 10 years managing, organizing, directing, coordinating, educating and training personnel in a nurturing environment.


Presentation Summary: Remediation of Contaminated Dumpsite Soil: An Evaluation of Soil Amendments in Combination with Phytoremediation Contamination of soils and water from open dump site leachate is a frequent problem in developing nations. Water supplies are threatened when water percolates through the waste, bringing with it a variety of substances, such as metals, bacteria, viruses, flammables, organic chemicals, and other toxics. Metals in particular are complex in terms of the pathways they can choose in the environment; unlike organics they do not degrade within the environment. Due to increases in population and affluence, the generation of waste has increased, meaning that leachate treatment will become an increasing problem. In developing countries, there is a lack of landfills, and having an open dumpsite is common practice. Rainwater seeps through the waste, producing large quantities of leachate that is highly toxic and potentially harmful to ground and surface water and surrounding ecosystems.

               The research goal is to evaluate a low-cost method of removing heavy metals from leachate in developing countries, using a combination of phytoremediation and soil amendments. The Perseverance Dump Site in Grenada will be used as a case study.

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