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Welcome to the NTAEP home page. Our group is composed of environmental professionals from the greater Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Metroplex. Our group meets during the lunch hour on the third Wednesday of each month except for the summer months of June through August. Our meetings feature a speaker and time for networking. See below for upcoming meetings and go ahead and register if you like! We hope you can join us soon!


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North Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (NTAEP)

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NTAEP Monthly Meeting - 3514 W. Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas 75062
11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.


Come join us on February 21st, 2024!








Ingrid Patman with DeepEarth Technologies presents "Inhibiting

Corrosion with Green Sustainable Remediation (GSR) near and

around Active AST, UST, and Pipelines."


Ingrid Patman, Remediation Chemist, DeepEarth Technologies, Inc.

After completing a BS chemistry with graduate research in toxicology at Oklahoma State University, Ingrid Patman dove straight into working as an environmental scientist and chemist with GHD consulting.  After assisting on emergency response, national and local project management teams, Ingrid was asked to assess various in-situ technologies. This is where she discovered DeepEarth’s patented Cool-Ox® technology. After bench testing & pilot demonstrating Cool-Ox®, Ingrid found the chemistry to be superior and innovative amongst the many remediation products and technologies within the remediation industry. Ingrid specializes in remediation design, analytical data analysis, in-situ site technical operations, and in-situ education/research.

Although the remediation industry is continuously searching for new methods to clean-up contaminated sites or for new chemistry to convert pollutants to non-toxic byproducts, sometimes we find that heretofore undiscovered characteristics of proven processes, might be lurking right in front of our nose. Such was the serendipitous artifact discovered when DeepEarth Technologies Inc’s., chemists were conducting a forensic search to discover why the Cool-Ox® in- situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) process apparently provided corrosion protection to ferrous metals. And, that the manifestation was so basic that it had been hidden in plain sight ever since water had been distributed by iron pipes. Here’s a clue: Any plumber knows that hard water scale will build up in pipes where the pH of the groundwater is hovering on the basic side (pH >7) of the pH scale and that erosion (dissolution) of iron will occur when the pH of the transported water is less than seven (pH<7). This truism is so widespread that it has built an industry to supply plumbers and homeowners with mildly acidic compounds to dissolve and rid themselves of hard water scale. The presentation will “walk” you through intermediate/advance chemistry and provide you with numerous case histories of industrial applications.

Ingrid Patman 2-21-2024 Photo.JPG
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